Broker Office

  • Dispatch Board
  • View Loads in Transit
  • List Unassigned Loads
  • Manage Customers, Shippers, Consignees & Carriers
  • Bill of Lading
  • Print/Email Rate Confirmations
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Process Sales Commisions
  • Handle Multiple Stops and Copy Loads
  • Track Load Status
  • Dispatch Notes
  • Role Based Security
  • Email documents
  • Multiple on-demand Reports
  • 100 % Web-based
  • Mobile Device Friendly


  • 24/7 Platform Availability
  • Backup and Data Loss Prevention guarantee
  • Technical Help Desk Support
  • User Guides and Setup Videos

What can Brokers Do with Freight Broker Office?

Load Management

  • List loads with shipper, carrier information and real-time status
  • Search and view past, current, and up-coming loads
  • Intuitive Load Builder to create or edit loads, including routing and Rate Confirmations
  • Dispatch Drivers with Rate Confirmations and BOLs
  • Manage load expenses and accessorials - Lumper, Scale, Detention, etc.
  • Approve and notify changes made by any agent to Load or Rate Confirmation
  • Upload relevant contracts/documents related to load
  • Email load confirmation to carrier and shipper
  • Customer Invoice automation

Manage Carriers

  • List carriers with contact information, qualification status, activity reports
  • Create/edit carriers quickly from Master Carrier Database
  • Upload relevant contacts/documents
  • Import Carrier Invoices and queue for payment

Manage Customers (shippers/receivers)

  • Easily add customers and queue for approval
  • List customers with contact information, activity reports, revenue, relationship manager

CRM - Customer Relations Manager

  • Create and manage leads
  • Update status of lead with comments
  • Contact leads directly from CRM
  • Create and use re-usable sales templates

Manage Agents

  • List agents with contact information, activity reports, commissions, audit
  • View details of an agent & take actions
  • Upload documents
  • Make an agent active or inactive


  • Generate weekly settlement information for the agents.
  • Export reports to Excel or PDF formats
  • Financial reports
  • Business Snapshot
  • Performance Reports